Nourishing Facial Skin-Care

Nourishing Facial Skin-Care - The Wonder Camel

Nourishing Facial Skin-Care

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The new Anti-aging

40% Anti-inflammatory Camel Milk

Detoxifying minerals from The Dead Sea

Five natural skin Nourishing Oils

The Facial Nourishing Cream contains Camel Milk, Pure Oils, Desert Herbs and Minerals; Naturally sourced substances, Parabens free.

This nourishing cream is rapidly absorbed and rich in ingredients that help restoring the skin, promoting tissue growth, and anti-aging. Contains antioxidant and hyaluronic acid agents.

Our team of formulation engineers developed an advanced innovative formula based on these ingredients:


Studies have shown that Camel Milk contains disease-fighting immunoglobulin's, enabling penetration of antigens and boosting the effectiveness of our immune system.

Helps to fight red patches and plaques thanks to its anti-inflammatory qualities known for thousands of years.

Rich in Natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids (AHA), which help revealing new skin cells by exfoliating dead skin from the irritated area.

Help to provide signals to the body to change undesirable skin conditions.

Used by the people of Canaan during the Biblical period for skin problems.

Made of Eucalyptus Oil, Lavander oil, Olive oil, Sesame oil, and Linseed oil.

Help to restore the skin and nourishing it with essential vitamins.

It is said that Queen Cleopatra used Camel Milk in her beauty baths.

Cleopatra reportedly wanted to purchase the Dead Sea after using its unique salt.

She used the highest quality of essential oils as part of her skincare regimen.


We are raising our camels in the most convenient conditions so they'll be able to produce the finest milk without harming its anti-inflammatory benefits.

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