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Straight from our camel farm 🐪 Into your hands!

I have one piece of advice for women , Do not go like zombies to the big brands! I don't say that they are not good, but they will never be like private labels, Camel Milk and all the other ingredients are super unique. The moment you apply it to your skin, you can immediately feel the difference.

The camel milk time challenger collection is definitely something else.


As an online influencer, I've tested hundreds if not thousands of skincare products. The camel milk time challenger collection is definitely something else. I feel younger than ever! The combination between camel milk and dead sea minerals in these creams and serums makes a real difference.

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You feel the change in your skin immediately!


This personal letter they put in the kit shows me that they do care about my skin each time! Trust me, and you feel the change in your skin immediately! It's a life changer.


The Premium Camel Milk Time Challenger Collection

The price includes 5 premium products

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Your change starts from here

You CAN'T beat aging, but you CAN beat bad aging!

Camel Milk, the main active ingredient in this kit - is an Anti-Aging powerhouse! The milk helps restore a smoother skin complexion, prevent wrinkles and fine lines, and leave your skin younger-looking, soft, healthy, and firm.

We have sought inspiration in nature, combining our main ingredient, Camel Milk, along with additional naturally sourced ingredients such as:

☑️ Hyaluronic Acid, which helps reduce the visibility of wrinkles and fine lines.
☑️ Dead Sea Mineral Mud which is literally a feast of nutrition for the skin (!)
☑️ Desert Herbs and Essential Pure Oils - which help balance the skin's natural PH levels and eliminate toxins, restoring and nourishing your skin with essential Vitamins.

 A new level of change!

The Premium Camel Milk Time Challenger  Collection is formulated especially for women who want to reach the next level of their skincare routine.

The milk is also known for its anti-inflammatory qualities for thousands of years; it is said that even Queen Cleopatra used the milk in her beauty baths.

    Straight from our camel farm 🐪 Into your hands!

    Straight From the Camel Farm – Into Your Hands!

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    Queen Cleopatra’s Beauty Secret Revealed!


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