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The Wonder Camel is a company that markets premium lotions. The main active ingredient we use in our formulas is Camel Milk, which has been used for treating skin conditions and various infections for thousands of years due to its powerful anti-inflammatory benefits. 

Our camels are being raised in a unique camel farm located in the Negev desert, in the most convenient conditions so they'll be able to produce the finest milk without harming its anti-inflammatory benefits - All of this allows us to deliver the richest quality milk for our skincare products.  

Our team of biochemists, biologists and formulation engineers developed an advanced innovative formula, containing a unique blend of the Camel milk, Dead Sea Minerals, Desert Herbs and Natural Oils which balances the skin's natural PH levels and eliminates toxins - restoring and nourishing your skin with essential vitamins.  

Our Products

Our company manufactures  three primary products under the "Desert line":

- The Atopic Rich cream  

- The Camel Milk PSO cream
- The Anti Aging Cream

The Wonder Camel

More About US

Over the years, hundreds of thousands of lotions have been manufactured throughout the world after many years of research and infinite attempts to find the perfect formula for chronic and acute skin problems.

Our camels are being raised in a unique camel farm located in the Negev desert. 

The video above shows you more about the Camel farm - Watch how the Camel Milk used in our products is being produced.🐪

All of our lotions are approved and licensed by the Israeli Health Ministry.

Our Products

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