More about us

The Wonder Camel is a company that markets premium lotions based on high-quality camel milk, which used for thousands of years for skin problems and various infections.

The company sells three primary ointments under the "Dessert line" products.

-Pso Cream

-Atopic Rich cream

-Premium camel milk Cream

The company's factory  located in Rishon LeZion (Israel).

The wonder camel's factory works with a unique camels farm in Israel whose goal is to produce fine and high-quality camel milk that helps millions of people all over the world to enjoy the benefits of this kind of milk and the combination we do in our lotions for various skin problems.

All of our lotions are approved and licensed by the Israeli Health Ministry, which considered being one of the ten health ministries in the world which were best conducted at the time of the last World pandemic (COVID 19).

Over the years, millions of lotions have been manufactured throughout the world after many years of research and infinite attempts to find the perfect formula for chronic and acute skin problems.