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About the farm

The “Camela” Farm was established in 2003 in the Negev desert.

The farm raises Dromedary camels, the tallest of the three species of camels, also called Arabian camels.

The farm team cares for the camels and their welfare, ensuring the mother and her precious baby are not separated.

Milking begins only 4 months after birth, and even then, the mother continues to breastfeed her calf.

By doing so, the Camela farm promotes ethical farming practices in which milk is shared with calves.

Bella, Michal, Sigi, Chayouta and Tsili along with the rest of the herd, roam freely on wide open land and enjoy a peaceful life surrounded by the beautiful landscape of the Negev desert.

The herd is being raised in the most convenient conditions, allowing them to produce the finest milk without harming its anti-inflammatory benefits.

Only a happy camel will produce high-quality milk!.

“The camels must recognize you and trust you” says Nevo Nagler, the founder of the farm. “If the Dromedaries are not in a good mood, no milk flows” he explains.

Nevo loves his animals and they love him.

Otherwise they would not let him milk them with the machine he developed himself.

That is why Nevo is called “The Camel Whisperer”.

All of the Desert Line formulas are based on 40% Dromedary milk that is being produced in the farm.

Our team of biochemists, biologists and formulation engineers developed advanced innovative formulas, containing a unique blend of the Camel Milk and additional potent natural ingredients.

Why Is The Milk So Good For Your Skin?

The Farm

Why Is The Milk So Good For Your Skin?